Our History


Shiloh Baptist Church established an “arm” about eight miles from their home church just across the state line. The First Building was of hewn logs and located two miles west of the present site near the ford in Arrowwood Branch.


Arrowwood Baptist Church was constituted and the original deacons were elected. The church members voted to join the Green River Association.


Rev. A. Padgett was called as the church’s first pastor.


The Second Building was completed and dedicated at the church’s current site. This building was rectangular and had a seating capacity of about five hundred.


A brick and cement baptismal pool was constructed, which can still be found in our Nature Park and has been used a few times in recent years.


The Third Building was completed and dedicated.


A Sunday School building, consisting of 14 rooms over two stories, was approved. The building measured 25 by 40 feet and required 28,000 feet of lumber.


The church was wired for electricity. Prior to this, kerosene lamps hung from the ceiling of the sanctuary. The water fountain consisted of a bucket of spring water with a dipper.


The church voted to become a full time church. Before this the Church met every other week and shared the Pastor and the Parsonage with Chesnee First Baptist. W.B. Thorne was called as full time Pastor and Arrowwood bought the Chesnee First Baptist interest in the Parsonage.


Construction of the Fourth and Present Building began. New pews, carpet, an organ and piano were purchased. This building was dedicated on March 5, 1961.


The church’s Recreation Building was completed and dedicated.


The Golden Arrows were established, Mary Louise Garner and Hilda Jolly elected as the first sponsors. This Organization is for the Senior Adults of the congregation, and it is still going strong today.


A new parsonage was constructed, directly adjacent to the church grounds on the west side.

The church sanctuary was also completely renovated and remodeled. An Educational Wing was added with a Children’s Church and additional Sunday School rooms. A garage was attached to the Recreation Building at the same time, to accommodate the church bus.


The church purchased 6.7 acres of the Wall property neighboring the church grounds on the east side.


The church purchased the parcel of land beside the church facing Highway 11. The church now owns approximately 50 acres of land, guaranteeing room to grow in the coming years.


Church voted to replace sign at the front of property. It was a large lighted sign with space for information to be posted.


Church voted to build a Children’s Church on the property.


Church voted to repair steps on front porch


Church approved to purchase a new 37 passenger bus


Church voted to purchase another 15 passenger bus


Church approved to add an additional bus bay to Bus building to store 35 passenger bus.


Church approved renovations to church and adding new front doors to the church an other renovations.

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